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Urban Soundscapes

Cycling or walking to work can provide a daily boost - you might arrive at work with the wind in your hair and a story to tell. Cycling in particular can seem daunting; we hope that the resources below will support with starting or continuing your commute on two wheels, if that's what works for you.

UHBW cycle parking

Voi scooter and bike hire offers

Find a route on the National Cycle Network -

The next Cycle to Work scheme is due to open in Spring 2022.

City of Threads is a 12-part immersive podcast series by PECo Theatre that invites you on a journey into the city of Bristol as experienced through the perspectives of its visually impaired citizens; a place of sensory delights, navigational intricacies, challenges, dangers and shared discoveries.

Each episode takes you on journeys into the city, in the company of the visually impaired travellers who took them, challenging assumptions, revealing new understandings and ultimately asking us to reimagine how our cities are working for us all.

Immersive sound design transports you into the heart of the journey, enriching and transforming the listener’s own perceptions of the city through felt experience.

We often herald the nourishing power of sounds from nature - birdsong, the rustling of trees, waves breaking on the shore. But the urban environment also has much to offer in terms of sound, rooting us in place and space and perhaps marking a transition between home and work. 

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