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Performing Medicine 

If you’d rather watch a video today, click on the link below to watch the introduction to Circle of Care. The Circle of Care framework was co-created by Performing Medicine and Guy’s and St. Thomas’ Trust.

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What is Performing Medicine? 


Performing Medicine exists to support health professionals to provide high-quality, compassionate care.  


Healthcare professionals are frequently working within demanding environments, requiring flexibility, adaptability, and responsiveness. 

Through arts based exercises, training and courses, Performing Medicine provides practical ways to improve the wellbeing of individuals in order to feed and sustain a wider ‘Circle of Care’.

What is Circle of Care?

The video above explains what the Circle of Care is, and how we can deploy these techniques in everyday life as healthcare workers and patients. 


Alternatively, you can read about it below: 


Circle of Care re-envisions compassionate healthcare by describing a multi-directional flow of care between healthcare professionals and their colleagues, patients and carers. The model also positions ‘self-care’ – the way healthcare professionals care for themselves – as fundamental to achieving effective healthcare.

At the centre of the Circle of Care is a skills compass which will help navigate the obstacles getting in the way of the flow of care. Skills on this compass can be developed by exploring arts based training and courses. For information about the impact of Circle of Care at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Trust, see the ‘At a Glance’ documents on the Circle of Care programme and the Theatres Forum pilot.


Circle of care in communities during the Covid-19 pandemic

Click on the link to read more about the circle of care in relation to the Covid-19 outbreak. 

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