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The Podcast Revolution

It’s nice to read, but sometimes it’s even nicer to let the words wash over us. For Audio Advent we have chosen some podcasts that we hope will enthral you, entertain you, relax you or even send you straight to sleep. 

The Seekers Podcast

Short Cuts

Short documentaries and adventures in sound presented by Josie Long.


Image credit:The Wardrobe Ensemble

The Truth

Created by Bristol-born The Wardrobe Ensemble, this podcast is aimed at children aged 3-8. Each episode you can join The Seekers for an adventure across the universe, through the past and future, to the bottom of the ocean or somewhere brand new and very exciting!

Soul Music

Series about pieces of music with a powerful emotional impact

Image credit:BBC Sounds

The Open Ears Project

Part mix tape, part sonic love-letter, the Open Ears Project is a podcast where people share the classical track that means the most to them. 

Image credit:NPR

Image credit:BBC Sounds

Festive Pick - 

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