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Story Time

It’s nice to read, but sometimes it’s even nicer to be read to. When listening to a story, we can close our eyes and be transported to another time and another place.


Audio books can be ‘borrowed’ free of charge from your local library. 


There are also lots of audio books available online. This website includes free resources in lots of different languages


For Audio Advent we have chosen some short stories that we hope will enthral you, entertain you, relax you or even send you straight to sleep. 


Photo credit:The Wardrobe Ensemble

We’ve picked our favourite short story podcasts. So sit back, relax and let your mind wander into another world.

The Truth

Created by Bristol-born The Wardrobe Ensemble, this podcast is aimed at children aged 3-8. The podcast has been created out of The Star Seekers, The Time Seekers and The Deep Sea Seekers, a series of family theatre shows that have been touring the UK for years. Each episode you can join The Seekers for an adventure across the universe, through the past and future, to the bottom of the ocean or somewhere brand new and very exciting!

The Seekers Podcast

The ultimate sleep podcast, Sleep With Me started in 2013 by host Drew Ackerman as a way to help people fall asleep. There are hundreds of episodes to get stuck into in order to while the night away.

Sleep With Me

THE TRUTH makes movies for your ears: short stories that are sometimes dark, sometimes funny, and always intriguing. Each story is different, 10-20 minutes, and there are now over 100 episodes.

The Truth


Feeling inspired? If you would like to write a short story, please ask for a copy of Boredom Buster, our patient activity resource newspaper, where you will find lots of prompts and ideas to get you started.

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